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It lasts for six months and can be extended for a year or longer in order to cooperate with the criminal justice process. Her voice shakes as she describes how her attackers would slap her to wake her up, and sometime rape her in front of other migrants in the communal hall they all shared. He said she owed him money for the cost of the airplane ticket and would have to work for him until the debt was repaid. Police said Wednesday's arrests capped a four-month-long investigation that allowed them to uncover how human traffickers operate in Italy. These activities are most common within the agriculture, construction, and service sectors. Authorities across Europe say they have arrested 41 Bulgarians in recent days after Italian police uncovered a trafficking network that exploited hundreds of children. A third of them arrived as minors, according a study by the Community of Pope John XXIIIone of several church organizations helping people on the ragged edge of society.

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In reality, many of them are destined for years of sexual slavery.

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Italy struggles to help thousands trafficked as sex slaves

Eventually, the teenager managed to escape. Were you there when they make this? Read Nov 16 The new definition of the kilogram will change the way we weigh everything. You want to taste this one? Better than what we use to see when we work in the streets. Her brother left seminary, and eventually entered a university. But she will never forget the things that happened to her.

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