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The minus button decreases the power and if held down for a few seconds, will turn the Ora off. Also depending on the setting, the Ora produces vibrations that focus most intensely around the edges of the pad where the ball rotates. If you enjoy a slow and teasing, but high quality build up to orgasm, the Ora might just be for you. When trying to describe the sensation that the rotating ball provides, the closest I can come up with is to imagine putting a female condom over your vulva To emulate the silicone skin covering the ball on the Ora and then use the non-pointy end of a pencil to create circular movements over the area, without adding much pressure at all. The Ora contains ten stimulation modes which provide a varied range of sensations.

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I am a huge fan of oral sex and was thrilled to discover a sex toy that could potentially mimic the action of a tongue.

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Knowing my personal preferences in a sex toy, I was not expecting to like the Ora as much as I did. The tongue can be inserted into the vaginaeither stiffened or moving. The plus button turns the Ora on and increases the power to the vibrations. With the vibrations switched on, they can overpower the gentle and subtle sensations of the rotating ball, making it more difficult to feel. Archived from the original PDF on 10 May

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