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Scented oils, incenses, the whole sapphic lez-cestuous routine! It is unfortunate that the forced lezzie oil-rub scene the dark-skinned native women "preparing" Barbara Kathy for their bald-headed leader of the tribe wasn't longer--at least by a couple of minutes. She's all naked dripping in oil and is ready for the chief to take her. She seems to challenge the chief to bang her and has already accepted the fact that she has no choice but to be banged by the chief but at the same time wants it. A late's Kathy Shower s!!!!! Love the scene where Kathy gets a forced oil rub by some lesbian natives.

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Plus it would have been great to have seen Kathy stripped naked by the native women.

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Kathy Shower - Velvet Dreams

Her nipples are SO hard. When the chief comes in to have sex with Kathy we see her naked with her butt up in the air and her face in the ground. Kathy Shower wearing a slightly see-through bikini as she sun bathes on the deck of a ship and talks to a guy. An extended version of the film which was shown on European tv had the following scenes not shown in the American version Kathy being taken to the hut where the women natives strip her naked in front of the tribe's chief's mother A longer oil sequence where you see the native women hands rub aggressively in between Kathy's naked thighs where she moans and her hips go up and down vigorously. Plus it would have been great to have seen Kathy stripped naked by the native women. Seems like Kathy is either a closet lesbian or bi-sexual. They should have had a gangbang with her.

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kathy shower sex scene
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kathy shower sex scene

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