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He was big enough to do that. The three women watched, sickened and helpless, as the five black tentacles mercilessly violated WFT until a muffled scream and a sudden pouring of white fluid from all three holes indicated that all three tentacles came inside her. Zelda, Peach, Samus, and Wii Fit Trainer were gathered at a round table in a separate room from the main eating area. The Path To The Temple 9. Samus shrieked again as the liquid went into her stomach and caused hr immense pain. Then she took out a tube and connected it to the pump.

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All the Queen did was shoved all of that back down her throat as well.

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Samus removed her armor and zero suit and placed them in the back as well, leaving her in a pair of black gym shorts and a blue sports bra. As the women sat there, three of them topless, and faint rustling was heard. And Peach, I would suggest taking the dress off, and don't you dare look at me like that, I already know you're wearing the Striker's outfit under that, so don't even start with me. At that same moment, the climate control suddenly switched on and the facility began slowly cooling off. Not hesitating even for a moment, the tentacles dropped WFT's unconscious form to the floor and four of them lunged at Peach next. It was a rather hot day at SSB headquarters. What are the codes?!

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naked samus tied up
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naked samus tied up
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