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High intellect does not equal emotional maturity, and unfortunately, too many transsexuals lack the self worth to 'fight the system' when it abuses them. But that's why life can be such a no-win situation for trans people. It was my turn. Produce your voice only from the back of your throat I may drive when I feel ready. I was an unhappy girl who wanted to be a happy one.

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Then I was done.

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First post-op check-up

Then I was done. The best evidence we have suggests it does have a positive mental health impact on most patients weirdly enough, results tend to be better for people who transition from female to male than male to female -- nobody knows whybut gender reassignment patients do still have an elevated suicide risk compared to the general population. And I was so scared to tell my doctor that I needed a revision, because I thought, "Nyala, you worked hard to get this surgery covered. A gender group could be a gender support group, which is kind of like group therapy sometimes mixed with occasional outings to clubs or parties. Some women have surgery on their throat to feminize their voice or to have their Adam's apple reduced. The second part of the cocktail is estrogen pills, which shrink your penis and redistribute fat to the butt and hips. Difficulty can occur if the urethra is in any fashion out of place, which can be caused by many things.

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post op sex change peeing
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post op sex change peeing
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