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You might need a hand mirror. We hope that this response was helpful and urge you to write in with any more questions that may arise! If you would like to learn how to view your hymen and whether or not it is intactplease click here. The hymen is a tiny layer of skin that exists to serve a specific biological purpose: If my hymen broke from an activity other than sex, am I still considered a virgin?

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If you would like to read our article on the cultural significance of an intact hymen, please click here.

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What can make the hymen break?

Thank you for writing in to SexInfo! You may choose to undergo hymen reconstruction if you feel that it is something you truly want for yourself, but please do not feel like you need to have surgery to be worthwhile or valuable as a female. But now we know better. Many cultures attribute a heavy amount of significance to the hymen as a determinant of virginity, but this significance is socially and culturally constructed. Intercourse and other sexual activity are not the only ways that the hymen can be broken. Any other relevance symbolically attached to the hymen over the course of mankind are purely conceptual and culturally produced. Question How can you tell the difference between a broken

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