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It turns out that once you expose yourself to another person in that way, you become inextricably linked. My feelings and my desires for him exploded, transformed into something I had never felt before, something I am positive only comes with this level of physical intimacy. TardyToThePartyMar 1, I hardly waited a day before being deluged with responses. Not that I'd had an entirely sexless existence up to then — I simply managed my desires with my own hands, learning what I liked and how to satisfy myself sexually. The former might have ruined our friendship, but the latter might have prevented me from ever "playing the field".

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So I lost my virginity when I was 17 to a 24 year old woman.

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Everything that's complicated about losing your virginity at 25

I'm sure they led me to spend more time chatting with my mates in the pub, or dancing in a moshpit to the Ramones, than kissing and hero-worshipping boys. See, I had done my research. She fell for a man in college when she was 21, but "was afraid of both his rejection or acceptance," so she never pursued him. I had read articles and essays, interviews with men and women who were asked how they felt about having sex with another adult who was still a virgin. Thank you for telling your story OP, you are very brave.

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lost my virginity to an older
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lost my virginity to an older
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