Erotic jealousy syndrome

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The American Journal of Psychiatry. This would also be costly, since their resources would be used on females' offspring that is not theirs. While most empirical research suggests that males are more likely to act aggressively in response to sexual jealousy, some studies have shown that females may also display aggression and violence. The delusional objects may be replaced by others over time, and some may be chronic in fixed forms. In suicide reports, sexual jealousy was described as a "racial trait" in Indian men and that it was evoked when European men slept with their women. The evolutionary psychology of women. The hypothesis contradicts the evolutionary perspective.

The hypothesis contradicts the evolutionary perspective.

I'm just a jealous guy

A Study in the Psychopathology of Sexual Jealousy. The American Journal of Psychiatry. A meta-analytic examination" PDF. Yugoslavian participants display the most intense sexual jealousy to flirting behaviour but the least to kissing. A woman sexually coerced and harassed by a jealous partner will not make a good mother, so a jealous male only harms himself when he harms his family. On the other hand, it has been suggested that because it is the woman that ultimately chooses the mate, aggression caused by infidelity is directed at the rival female.

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