Tantric orgasm denial

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My wife and I found it surprisingly simple to learn to manipulate the biochemical effects of extreme tease and denial for our benefit by taking a slow deliberate approach with lots of affectionate play time. She is like the energizer bunny with seemingly endless energy and a very consistent playful, jovial demeanor. I really began seeking answers as a result of the huge difference in how I perceived my orgasm versus what my wife experienced twenty some years ago. That can cause abdominal or testicular pain from fluid congestion in the testicles. I can't seem to get past days 9 - 11 without something coming along

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Yes as Hotspring has indicated stamina is a factor if you happen to be using your penis - but there are other "options" that serve equally as well to get her there and is largely due to the interaction of the participants.

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This furthers my understanding of how to have sex in a different way from what the mainstream is doing. Thanks for responding it is appreciated. In response to your questions, from my perspective, I would say it's not so much that she stays in a state of hunger but that within the time we are engaging, not orgasming keeps the feeling and flow going much longer rather than coming to and end from orgasming. This seemed to make sense to me as I always experienced a huge drop in energy every time I ejaculated, and the older I got the longer it took before I recovered and became really hungry for sex again. And how has he reacted to you giving up your orgasms? By practicing semen retention, you can learn to move that sexual, orgasmic energy through your body so you feel the sensation of having an orgasm without actually ejaculating. Perhaps your lack of exposure to internet porn is a generational difference?

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tantric orgasm denial
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tantric orgasm denial
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