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Quit or Suck It Up: One indicates the majority of employees are dissatisfied with their careers, another indicates 74 percent would quit consider finding a new job today. And let's not forget about the many employees who are disengaged with their work. Find out when performance reviews are supposed to happen, and make sure that they do. The solution, implied by the previous section seems to be to pursue a much more meaningful job.

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In a chaotic context, searching for right answers would be pointless.

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Why are most jobs devoid of meaning? When you sit down with your peers, come to the table with the situation, the problem, and any possible outcomes you'd like to achieve. Here are some steps to move towards this goal: Probably something that resembled a Blackberry more than the iPhone we know today. Is why lots of life advice gurus tell students to have as many experiences as possible before setting in their rather boring adult life.

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